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CK14 Wills Single Road Engine Shed. 00/H0 Craftsman series kit Kit contains:  Injection ..
SS10 Wills OO gauge Gents Toilet plastic kit
This Wills plastic kit is of a type of open cast-iron screen for male urinals, which we..
SS11 Wills OO gauge Taxi Mens Rest House plastic kit
This Wills plastic kit is a Taxi mens rest house, which werer a common sight across many rural lo..
SS12 Wills OO gauge Station garage with pumps kit
This SS12 Wills plastic Station garage with vintage pumps kit is a great addition to yo..
SS13 Wills OO gauge Domestic Garage plastic kit
This Wills plastic kit is Domestic Garage. Single car timber-style garage of a type used fro..
SSMP232 Wills Sheets Slate wall. CONTENTS 4 sheets 130x75mm 5" x 3" ( SSMP 232 SSMP-232 )
  Wills SSMP232 Slate Wall Materials (4 Sheets 130x75mm) This slate walling wil..
SS14 Wills OO gauge Tea Kiosk plastic kit
This Wills plastic kit is of a type Tea Kiosk with printed name and interior detail ..
SS15 Wills OO gauge Coal Yard and Hut
The SS15 Wills Coal Yard and hut plastic kit is moulded with traditional colours, may requir..
SS16 Wills OO gauge Weighbridge & Hut kit
The SS16 Wills Weighbridge plastic kit  its moulded trditional colours, may requir..
CK13 OO gauge Wills Craftsman Series Black Horse Inn CK-13
The £15.20- CK13 Wills craftsman series Black Horse Inn. Injection moulded detail parts and i..
CK17 OO gauge Wills Craftsman Series Stone country station kit CK-17
The £31.70- CK17 Wills craftsman series Stone country stationkit is injection mouled ma..
SS17 Wills OO gauge Coal Bunkers
The SS17 Wills Coal Bunkers plastic kit. Has moulded traditional colours, may require additi..
SS18 Wills OO gauge Station Forecourt Shops
The SS18 Wills Station Forecourt Shops plastic kit. Its moulded traditional colours may..
SS19 Wills OO gauge Grotty Huts & Privy plastic kit
The SS19 Wills grotty huts & privy plastic kit is flatpacked like an Airfix ki..
SS20 OO gauge Wills plastic Greenhouse kit
The SS20 Wills OO gauge plastic greenhouse kit also includes two coldframes. Includes glazing mat..
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