Scenery Glues & Adhesives

Scenery Glues & Adhesives

Glues Glorious Glues! The basis for all scenery is glue, it takes your basic materials and makes sure they're attached to your layout - seems pretty basic huh? Well unfortunately it's not as easy as it sounds...

They make glues for just about everything, be it base scenery, static grass or Metcalfe kits. You can find a great selection of glues here below!

As a general rule of thumb, we reccomend the following glues for the following products:

  • Scatter, groundcover: Woodlands Scenics Scenic Cement 
  • Static grass: Peco PSG-10 basing glue or Woodlands Scenics Scenic Cement 
  • Building Metcalfe Buildings: Deluxe Materials Roket Card glue
  • Building Plastic kits (Wills, Ratio): Plastruct Plasweld or Deluxe Materials Plastic Kit glue
  • Building Wooden Kits: Delux Materials Super-Phatic Glue or Humbrol Balsa Wood Glue (for Balsa wood only)
  • Glueing buildings, figures and cars to the baseboard: Woodland Scenics Scenic Accent Glue or UHU
  • For Ballasting: Delux Materials Ballast Magic or Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement
  • On top of this list, there is a range of other glues down below that have specific uses to make your modelling easier: things like the Woodland Scenics Hob-E-Tac which is great for making trees, or the Deluxe Materials Plastic magic which is super for both kits and scratchbuilding!

If we haven't listed what you're doing above and you're not sure, reach out to us! If you have any other glue related questions, please don't hesitate to get in-touch too!

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Plasweld Plastic weld glue by EMA Models supplies (57ml)
Immediately tacky. Sets in minutes. Permanently bonds ABS to Butyrate, ABS to Styrene, ABS to Acr..
AD10 (AD-10) (AD 10) Deluxe Materials SPEED BOND (112G)
AD10 (AD-10) (AD 10) Deluxe Materials SPEED BOND (112G) Deluxe Materials Special modelling PV..
PSG-10 Peco - Basing Glue (for Static Grass) (PSG10)
Description This is the PSG-10 Peco Basing Glue for static grass. Can be used in co..
PSG-13 Peco Static Grass Layering Spray in a pump-action bottle - For adding multiple layers of static grass
Peco PSG-13 layering spray. Use the Peco layering spray to add multiple layers to your static gra..
AD19 Deluxe Materials Fusion (75ml) - Two-part super-strong acrylic adhesive for GRP, Metal, Wood and most plastics (AD-19)(AD 19)
  Strongest acrylic adhesive for combinations of GRP, metal and wood and nearly all plas..
AD21 Deluxe Materials Super Phatic Glue (50ml) - For bonding foam, wood, plastic, carbon fibre (AD-21)(AD 21)
High penetrating yellow aliphatic glue for close fitting pre-assembled joints. Drys fast and bond..
AD29 Deluxe Materials Tacky Wax (28g) - A wax adhesive for placement of figures and other small items (AD-29)(AD 29)
Wax adhesive for holding miniatures in place whilst allowing re-positioning. How much will it..
AD45 Deluxe Roket Cyano Max (20G) (AD 45) (AD-45)
AD45 Deluxe Roket Cyano Max (20G) (AD 45) (AD-45) How much will it cost to send? Here at ..
AD55 Deluxe Materials Glue 'N' Glaze (50ml) - For making crystal clear windows & bonding canopies (AD-55)(AD 55)
For glazing and bonding crystal clear windows and canopies. Glue 'N' Glaze is a liquid plastic fi..
AD57 Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue (50ml) - For Metcalfe, Superquick and other card kits (AD-57)(AD 57)
For fast assembly of card models. Also bonds Balsa wood, paper card to most plastics. Use sparing..
AD62 Deluxe Materials Roket Plastic Kit Glue (50ml) - For Ratio, Wills, Peco and other plastic kits (AD-62)(AD 62)
Liquid Plastic cement. Non-toxic, non-flammable, low odour and fine non-clog tip. Can also be app..
AD74 Deluxe Materials Ballast Magic (125ml) - Powder adhesive for glueing ballast down (AD-74)(AD 74)
  Ballast Magic is a new innovative product for ballasting track. It is a fine dry powde..
AD77 Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Glue (40ml) - For use on most plastics and plastic kits (AD-77)(AD 77)
Bonds plastics other glues cannot: Deluxe Materials new formula Plastic Magic is a..
S190 Woodland Scenics - Scenic Glue (WS190)
Description This is the S190 Woodland Scenics Scenic Glue  236ml bottle of ..
S191 Woodland Scenics - Scenic Cement (WS191)
Description This is the S191 Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement  Ready to use as a ..
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