Ballasting is part of the structure used on the real railway as a means to keep the track in place. Although model track is held down by pins, ballast is still integral as an aesthetic part of the model. We've got a few options for you...


Full ballasting can be acheived easily using ballast gravel available from those like Woodland Scenics, Peco & Gaugemaster, with simple materials like PVA glue, water and washing up liquid. You can buy other products to make it easier such as Deluxe Materials Ballast Magic and these are availabile here too. 

The basis of ballasting is pretty easy:

  1. Lay the ballast in and around your track. You can buy special tools for this, like the Proses Ballast Spreader you can find below!
  2. Apply your glue mix, or chosen fixing method! We recommend a 50/50 mix of PVA glue and water with a splash of washing up liquid for the easy option. You can also use Woodland Scenics Scenic cement (which is pre-formulated for such a task) or the Delux Materials Ballast magic which is an easy to use adhesive powder.
  3. Once dry - tidy up. Use a sharp knife to remove any ballast from areas you don't want it, make sure you've glued everywhere you need fixed.
  4. An optional step - weathering. In some cases, weathering can make your track look more releasitic, unles your modelling freshly laid ballast. It can be acheived with paint, weathering powders (like the DCC Concepts track weathering powders) and even an airbrush can help! 

Once completed you'll notice a huge visible difference!

Inlay ballast

If the above if not quite for you, you can use inlay ballast like a foam type but we don't recommend it as it degrades really quickly and will leave you needing to replace it, and some of your track, within 3-4 years. 

However if you would like to use something quicker and easier than full ballast, we recommed laying your track onto the Gaugemaster Ballast Sheet GM23 and pinning it down on top. You can find that in the listings below.

As usual, if you have any questions about ballasting we're more than happy to help! Please do get in-touch!

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