Model Lighting

Lighting starts to bring your model to life! Adding things like street lights and building lighting adds another aspect to your model! 

You can buy everything from street lamps to simple wheat bulbs to illuminate rooms in buildings! Most work off a simple 12v DC supply and you can virtually power lights for an enitre layout from one socket! Most require basic knowledge of making circuits as they come as bare components but if you've wired your layout up you'll get it straight away as it's much easier! 

You can also invest in a much simpler plug and pay system from Woodlands Scenics, called "Just Plug" - this is a little more expensive but is considerably easier to fit and maintain! 

You can take a look at the whole range below, or seperate between manufacturers by using the menu on the left hand side of the page. If you have any questions about lighting and what you'll need, please get in touch - we are happy to help!

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