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Have you come here looking for a reason as to why your account is not working? Please scroll down and read the section under "And what about my previous orders, account and reward points?".

Our new website has now launched!

What's new?

We've always received compliments on the way our website works, that it has an easy layout and a good search bar. Therefore we've kept the basic site layout and functions almost identical so you'll recognise it instantly. The reason for changing the site surrounded a database alignment error which has been prominent for about 5 years, caused by an over-enthusiastic and under-experienced web-tech who created an error within the database that was simply too big to fix. This means we've had to build a new site from scratch!

But what has changed?

And what about my previous orders, account and reward points?

Unfortunately the new database means that you now won't be able to see or login to the account you had on our old site, although if you need any information at any time please do get in touch as here at Derails we can view it through our old-site-server. You'll need to re-register your account with us under the "register" icon at the top right of this screen.

Previous orders

Your pre-orders you placed on our old site are still active as they are manually transferred on date of order to a separate secure system. So please do NOT re-order them - they are all allocated to you already.

Reward Points

At this point in time you won't be able to see your reward points. Rest assured they are still stored on the old site and can be transferred to a new account on the new site - however first it'll need to be created! Please head to the new site homepage (www.derails.co.uk) and create your new account. When we've seen it created, we'll manually transfer over your points. Why should I create an account? Creating an account means it's simple and easy to place orders with us - your details are stored in our server so you don't have to enter them every time.

With the launch of the new site, we're also going to be running some mega-sales open to registered customers over the next few weeks. There will be discounts of up to 99% So yes - there will be locos for £1

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