Roundhouse Live steam G scale locomotive 'Alco' 2-6-2T £1860 manual, £2070 Radio Control + free P+P - In-stock!

Roundhouse Live steam G scale locomotive 'Alco' 2-6-2T £1860 manual, £2070 Radio Control + free P+P - In-stock!
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Reserved - Alco - Black R/C! £2070

The British made Roundhouse live steam locomotive 'Alco' is a model is of works number 57148 which was built in the same year as 'Mountaineer' and depicts her as running in preservation on the Chemin de Fer Froissy-Cappy-Dompierre in northern France. It is available with either war department markings - WD and arrow on side tanks and loco number 1257 on front of tank (main picture) or as CFCD No9 with RL1257 on side tanks and CFCD No9 on buffer beams (second picture of full size loco). The full sized locomotive is currently on the Tacot des Lacs, a preserved railway at Grez sur Loing about 40 miles south east of Paris. It is part of the Roundhouse Classic range. It is available for either manual or radio control (+ £220). This model has ajustable wheels for 32 or 45mm. Alco is supplied in WD grey with black boiler and domes unless otherwise requested and lettered either WD or RL1257.  

Please note - You will only be charged £50 deposit at this stage. After this is paid, if your order is a pre-order we will be in contact to confirm your deposit and your desired specifications, and then further contact you in relation to the payment of the balance around 2 weeks before delivery. If you are ordering an in-stock model, we will contact you immediately regarding balance payment and shipping. Please ensure a telephone number is provided for us to contact you.

Alco is available in any Roundhouse colour, which are all shown on a colour chart above. Please select your desired colour from the dropdown menu. Colours may vary on the model to those in the picture. Final confirmation of specifications will be required two months before your locomotive is manufactured, and at this point, to be sure you are happy with your choice, we can lend you colour swatches to assist you.

Technical specifications for 'Alco'.

  • Internal gas firing using our ‘FG’ type burner.
  • Outside framed 2-6-2 chassis with two double acting slide valve cylinders operated by simplified Walschaerts type valve gear.
  • Water top-up system and water gauge.
  • Controls fitted as standard are :- steam regulator, safety valve, pressure gauge, displacement lubricator, gas regulator and reversing gear.
  • Glazed cab spectacles.
  • Dimensions (loading gauge) are, Length 370mm over buffers, Width 110mm, Height 145mm, Weight 3.9 Kg. (with Radio Control fitted).
  • Full radio control is available for both regulator and reversing valve gear using 2.4GHz R/C.
  • A gauge conversion kit is available separately to allow changing between 32mm and 45mm gauge. Please state gauge when ordering.
  • Fitted with insulated wheels as standard.
  • Supplied with etched brass works plates


Ordinary Butane or Iso-butane gas (as used in gas cigarette lighters) is the preferred fuel, though for economy, the larger canisters as used for blowlamps or camping stoves etc. are better (we do stock these at £3.50 each or 3 for £10 however they are not available to be sent via post or courier). The larger canisters have an EN417 threaded self sealing valve on top and require a special adapter (which we stock - see here) to couple up to the filler valve on the locomotive. Mixed gases, i.e. Butane with a proportion of Propane mixed in, are available, and may be used on current models if straight Butane is unavailable. These come in a variety of mixes ranging from 90/10 to 60/40 with one of the most common being 70/30. The figures refer to the proportions of the mix i.e. 70/30 contains 70% butane and 30% propane. If using mixed gasses, always choose the one with the largest proportion of butane.


These locos are fussy things. Tapwater in softwater areas is acceptable but in hardwater areas in can lead to limescale in the boiler and pipework. De-ionized water removes zinc from brass fittings so isn't good. Purified water is a tricky one, as it is not always clear how purification has taken place. Shops that sell it will variously tell you it is de-ionized, or distilled. If you can't be sure that it is distilled, don't use it. De-humidified water good as is deep freezer ice. Distilled water is the best. Unfortunately, its hard to get hold of.  If buying distilled water, be very sure that it actually is. Some retail outlets will sell 'purified' or 'de-ionized' water. Another soloution is filtered rain water using filters, which we stock also (see here). Rain water can not be stored for more than a few weeks.

Full instructions are included for steaming.

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