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P9300 15v or 4amp higher power transformer for the Hornby E-link unit
The P9300 15v or 4amp transformer provides higher power for the Hornby E-Link unit. This is neede..
£37.99 £32.29
P9200 Transformer for R8250 Hornby standard train controller
The P9200 plug in transformer provides power to the Hornby R8250 standard train controller. ..
£16.99 £12.74
553 Ratio Models OO gauge Signal Box interior plastic kit
This is the £11.16 Ratio Models Plastic Signal Box interior kit, in OO gauge. The new&n..
£13.95 £11.16
D003 Wire Connectors or Chocolate Block connecters
The D003 Wire Connectors or Chocolate Block connecters are the easy way for connected wires witho..
MM012 Modelmaker - Bachmann Track cleaner block
Here we have Bachmann Track cleaner block 240 grit 80x 50 x 20 mm  ..
£6.95 £5.50
The Hornby step by step guide to railway modelling CD-ROM has the sections: Where do I start?..
£24.75 £7.99
PDT5200 Modelcraft- Stainless steel Carver set of 6
This is the Modelcraft stainless steel Carver set of 6. Handy for kits. ..
£12.95 £10.50
Chiltern arts acrylic paint. 8 colours to choose from, primary and secondary colours, ideal for modelling.
These Acrylic paints are perfect for modelling. They can be used for a variety of tasks and comes..
D001 1 metre of Cork roll
Cork is a great base for model railways, as it deadens noise made by the trains, smooths out..
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36-566 Bachmann 8 pin DCC Decoder featuring RailComPlus® (DC/Analogue Compatible)
This is the £16.10 Bachmann 8 pin 4 function DCC Decoder featuring RailComPlus®. ..
£18.95 £16.10
36-557 Bachmann E-Z Command 21 pin DCC Decoder for (DC/Analogue Compatible)
This is the £17.60 Bachmann 21 pin 4 function DCC Decoder. This decoder supports ..
£21.95 £17.60
36-556RA Bachmann E-Z Command 6 pin DCC Decoder for (DC Compatible)
This is the £14.20 Bachmann 6 pin E-Z Command DCC Decoder DC Compatible.   Other i..
£17.95 £14.20
36-563 Bachmann 6 pin decoder socket with 8 pin plug
This is the £11.10 Bachmann 6 pin Decoder socket with 8 pin plug.    Other inf..
£13.95 £11.10
36-567 Bachmann Next 18 DCC Decoder and socket
This is the £17.40 Bachmann Next 18 DCC Decoder.  Next 18 DCC decoders and sockets ben..
£21.95 £17.40
R573 Hornby locomotive super detail pack *Due June*
The £5.89 X8199 Hornby locomotive super detail pack. Pack includes shovel, slice, dart, hammers,..
£6.60 £5.89
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