OO gauge buildings

This is a selection of our OO gauge buildings.

Please email us if there is anything else you need that is not listed.

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SS30 OO gauge Wills stone and timber barn plastic kit
The £4.40 SS30 Wills stone and timber barn kit is flatpacked like an Airfix kit, and a..
£5.30 £4.50
PO511 Metcalfe OO gauge Laser cut Show Jumps
These £4.57 little 'Mini kits' are Show Jumps. Contents of kit: 4 Different Jumps ..
£5.50 £4.57
LK-78 Peco OO gauge Buildings pack A - Windows, doors, downpipes, stanchions, bench seat & ventilator OO gauge LK68
The Peco LK-78 Peco Buildings pack A includes the following:- Windows, doors, downpipes, sta..
£4.40 £3.64
SS75 OO gauge Wills Bus Shelter plastic kit
The £4.50 SS75 Wills 2x Bus Shelter kit is flatpacked like an Airfix kit. Al..
£5.60 £4.50
PO517 Metcalfe OO gauge Platform Kiosk set *New*
This is the new £4.77 PO517 Metcalfe Platform Kiosk set. Designed to go alongside any of&nb..
£5.75 £4.77
PO421 Metcalfe Card Low relief timber framed shop kit OO gauge NEW IN!
The £6.68 PO421 Metcalfe Card Low relief timber framed shop kit. Metcalfe kits produce some ..
£8.00 £6.68
SS32 OO gauge Wills Occupational Bridge with stone Abutments plastic kit
The £5.64- SS30 Wills Occupational bridge with stone Abutments kit is flatpacked ..
£6.80 £5.64
PO512 Metcalfe OO gauge Garden sheds
These £4.58 little 'Mini kits' are Garden sheds. Contents of kit: 2 Different&..
£5.50 £4.58
PO501 Metcalfe OO gauge GWR laser cut platform benches
These £4.77 little 'Mini kits' are great for GWR layouts. They use new laser cutting technology,..
£5.75 £4.77
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PO238 Metcalfe Card Wayside station kit OO gauge
The £14.10 PO238 Metcalfe Card Wayside station is supplied in sheet form, ready cut an..
£16.99 £14.10
SS54 OO gauge Wills station canopy plastic kit
The £6.92 SS54 Wills station canopy kit is flatpacked like an Airfix kit. Although mou..
£8.25 £6.92
PO340 Metcalfe OO gauge Card Station Canopy kit
The £12.44 PO340 Metcalfe Card Station shelter kit is supplied in sheet form, ready cut and scor..
£14.90 £12.44
SS34 OO gauge Wills Water Tower with Stone base plastic kit
The £5.72- SS34 Wills Water tower with stone base kit is flatpacked like an Airfi..
£7.15 £5.72
PO240 Metcalfe Card Double Track Viaduct kit OO gauge
The £10.78 PO240 Metcalfe Card Double Track Viaduct in red brick is supplied in sheet ..
£12.99 £10.78
PO248 Metcalfe Card Double Brick Tapered Wall kit OO gauge
The £10.78 PO248 Metcalfe Card Brick Tapered Wall is supplied in sheet form, ready cut..
£12.99 £10.78
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