OO gauge Scenic detailing

This is a selection of our OO gauge scenic items.

Please email us if there is anything else you need that is not listed.

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LK-25 Peco OO gauge Platform seats green LK25
The £2.40 Peco Platform seats are great for seating your passengers on platforms. ..
£2.45 £2.40
LK-2 Peco OO gauge Water crane LK2
The £2.20 Peco Water crane  Other info:   ..
£2.75 £2.20
MODELSCENE 5088 OO gauge Large & Small Skips
The £4.20 Modelscene Large and small kips are easy to assemble.   ..
£5.00 £4.20
MODELSCENE 5008 OO gauge Traffic cones
The £3.00 Modelscene Traffic cones are easy to assemble. There are 10 large cones and 10 sm..
£3.75 £3.00
MODELSCENE 5083 OO gauge Dustbins
The £2.36 Modelscene Dustbins are traditional metal can type dustbins.   ..
£2.75 £2.36
MODELSCENE OO gauge 5089 Mail bags
The £2.28 Modelscene 5089 Mail bags are great items for your model railway. The are great f..
£2.75 £2.28
5188 Modelscene N gauge Skips
The £3.52 Modelscene N gauge Skips are a great addition to any layout. N gau..
£4.00 £3.52
5165 Modelscene N gauge Cable Drums
The £2.36 Modelscene N gauge Cable Drums are a great addition to any layout...
£3.96 £2.36
LK-56 Peco OO gauge Inspection Pit LK56
The £7.00 LK-56 inspection pit is perfect for you loco yard. They can be used on a..
£9.25 £7.00
LK-50 Peco OO gauge level crossing gates LK50
The £4.20 LK-50 Level crossing gates are the perfect gates for a two way road crossing..
£5.25 £4.20
5180 Modelscene N gauge Platform Seats
The £3.52 Modelscene N gauge platform seats are a great addition to any layout. ..
£4.00 £3.52
5185 Modelscene N gauge Lineside Huts
The £4.20 Modelscene N gauge Lineside Hut are a great addition to any layout. N&n..
£5.25 £4.20
MODELSCENE 5010 OO gauge railway container
This £2.36 is one modelscene 5010 OO gauge railway container. OO gauge. ..
£2.60 £2.36
LK-86 Peco OO gauge Stiles and gates LK85
The £3.80 Peco LK-86 Stiles and gates contains 2 field gates, 2 stiles and a wicket gate (K..
£4.25 £3.80
5108 Modelscene OO Pigs & Trough
The £3.40 Modelscene OO Pigs & Trough.   ..
£4.00 £3.40
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