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This is a selection of our scenery items and buidlings.

Please email us if there is anything else you need that is not listed.

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PO244 Metcalfe OO gauge Card Retaining wall (Red brick)
The PO244 Metcalfe Card Retaining Wall in red brick, kit is supplied in sheet form, rea..
£13.50 £11.25
SS24 Wills Conservatory with Garden seat
The £4.20 Wills Conservatory with Garden Seat plus water butt.   Other info: 5..
£5.25 £4.20
SS26 OO gauge Wills plastic Victorian Bridge kit
The £4.20 SS26 Wills OO guage plastic victorian Bridge. Wills kits are similar to Airfix, re..
£5.25 £4.20
SS27 OO gauge Wills Station halt with shelter plastic kit
The £4.76- SS27 Wills Station halt with shelter with kit is flatpacked like ..
£5.95 £4.76
PO520 Metcalfe OO Gauge Type 22 & Type 26 Pillbox kit ( P0520 )
The £4.57 PO520 Metcalfe N Gauge Type 22 & Type 26 Pillbox kit is supplied in shee..
£5.50 £4.57
548 Ratio OO gauge plastic modular footbridge kit
The £19.38 Ratio 548 OO gauge plastic modular footbridge kit will add interest and a s..
£24.15 £19.38
PO522 Metcalfe OO Gauge Stone Fountain
The £4.77 PO522 Metcalfe N Gauge Stone Fountain Metcalfe kits produce some of the..
£5.75 £4.77
SS31 OO gauge Wills Village forge plastic kit
  The £4.80 SS31 Wills Village forge kit is flatpacked like an Airfix kit, an..
£6.00 £4.80
SS35 OO gauge Wills Pagoda plastic kit
The £4.20- SS35 Wills Pagoda with kit is flatpacked like an Airfix kit, and altho..
£5.25 £4.20
SS36 OO gauge Wills Dressed Stone Wall plastic kit
The £4.20- SS36 Wills Dressed Stone Wall is flatpacked like an Airfix kit, and althoug..
£5.25 £4.20
HL-K-02 2X Big Machinery Crates
The £6.36 Proses kit is a model of  2x Machinery crates    Other info: ..
£7.95 £6.36
HL-K-03 Proses 2x Aircraft parts
The £6.36 Proses kit is a model of  2x Aircraft parts    Other info: ..
£7.95 £6.36
538 Ratio OO gauge plastic Gutters and Downpipes
The £4.20 Ratio- plastic kit Gutters and Downpipes Other info: Area 155 x 170mm. ..
£5.25 £4.20
HL-K-04 Proses 2x Timber Loads
The £6.36 Proses kit is a model of  2x Timber Loads Other info:   ..
£7.95 £6.36
HL-K-06 Proses 2x Steel Loads
The £7.18 Proses kit is a model of  2x Steel Loads Other info:   ..
£8.95 £7.18
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