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This is a selection of our scenery items and buidlings.

Please email us if there is anything else you need that is not listed.

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SK-13 Peco paper backscene mountainous landscape SK13
This Peco paper backscene of a mountainous landscape is brilliant for countryside or mo..
£1.45 £1.20
SK-44 Peco paper backscene, country with river landscape - medium size ( SK44 )
This £1.16 medium sized Peco paper backscene is of a country with river landscape..
£1.35 £1.16
SS32 OO gauge Wills Occupational Bridge with stone Abutments plastic kit
The £6.12- SS32 Wills Occupational bridge with stone Abutments kit is flatpacked ..
£7.65 £6.12
SS30 OO gauge Wills stone and timber barn plastic kit
The £4.80 SS30 Wills stone and timber barn kit is flatpacked like an Airfix kit, and a..
£6.00 £4.80
R657 Hornby OO gauge Girder bridge
The R657 Hornby OO gauge Girder bridge is great for basic bridges on your model railway. It is si..
£16.45 £12.34
ST-297 Peco stone Ramp platform OO gauge
The £3.56 ST-297 Peco stone ramp platform OO gauge is perfect for platforms on your ra..
£4.75 £3.56
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SK-17 Peco paper backscene city centre SK17
This Peco paper backscene of a city centre is brilliant for city or urban lay..
£1.35 £1.20
456 Ratio & WIlls OO gauge station barrow crossing
The £4.40 Ratio & Wills station barrow crossing is perfect for stations, depots and foot cro..
£4.95 £4.40
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SS75 OO gauge Wills Bus Shelter plastic kit
The £4.68 SS75 Wills 2x Bus Shelter kit is flatpacked like an Airfix kit. Althoug..
£5.85 £4.68
LK-78 Peco OO gauge Buildings pack A - Windows, doors, downpipes, stanchions, bench seat & ventilator OO gauge LK68
The Peco LK-78 Peco Buildings pack A includes the following:- Windows, doors, downpipes, sta..
£4.75 £3.80
ST-292 Peco brick curved platform OO gauge
ST-292 Peco brick curved platform OO gauge is perfect for platforms on your railway. Ea..
£6.60 £5.56
SK-23 Peco paper backscene country/seascape SK23
This Peco paper backscene of a country/ seascape is brilliant for countryside layo..
£1.35 £1.24
SS12 Wills OO gauge Station garage with pumps kit
This £6.36 Wills plastic Station garage with vintage pumps kit is a great addition to ..
£7.95 £6.36
504 Ratio OO gauge plastic station building kit
The £24.80 504 Ratio plastic station building kit is perfect for country town stations on your m..
£31.00 £24.80
235 Ratio N gauge plastic Level crossing barriers kit
The £7.44 235  N gauge Ratio plastic Level crossing barriers kit   ..
£9.30 £7.44
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