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This is a selection of our STEAM Locomotives.

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The £59.99 R3061 Hornby GWR 4-4-0 County class 'County of Bedford' locomotive is accurately..
£69.99 £59.99
R3586 Hornby Railroad BR Schools class BR early #30935 Sevenoaks
The R3586 Hornby Railroad schools class Sevenoaks in BR early. 4-4-0 Number: 30935 ..
£94.99 £73.14
R3131 Hornby LNER A4 Class steam locomotive 4-6-2 "Great Snipe"
1930s Britain was a place in which luxury, glamour and boundary pushing were all revered and ..
£144.99 £123.45
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R3288 Hornby Railroad BR 9F Evening star No.92220
This Hornby Railroad R3288 model of BR Class 9F Evening star No. 92220 is a great model of the la..
£89.99 £76.49
R3086 Hornby LNER A1 class 'Flying Scotsman'
This iconic locomotive was the first ever to officially be recorded at 100mph.   Th..
£82.49 £70.12
Based on 2 reviews.
R3587 Hornby Railroad LMS Class 3F Jinty 0-6-0T #7109
The R3587 Hornby Railroad LMS Class 3F Jinty 0-6-0 T Number : 7109     ..
£44.99 £35.54
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R3010 Hornby OO gauge SR King Arthur Class N15 Steam locomotive 'Sir Sagramore' - No. 771 [Z]
This is the £125.99 R3010 SR King Arthur Class N15 Steam locomotive. It is named 'Sir ..
£149.99 £125.99
R3338 Hornby OO gauge BR 4-6-0 Thompson Class B1
This is the £120.11  Thompson Class B1 BR Apple green livery. ..
£155.99 £120.11
R3192 Hornby OO Gauge Duke of Gloucetser Heritage Rail Express train pack - Includes R3191 Duke of Gloucester Locomotive
This is the excellent £129.99 R3192 Hornby OO Gauge Duke of Gloucetser Heritage Rail Expres..
£169.99 £129.99
R3060 Hornby A1 class "Tornado" OO gauge
The £77.76 R3060 Hornby A1 class "Tornado" is an accurate model of Britains newest steam lo..
£100.99 £77.76
Based on 3 reviews.
R3224 Hornby OO gauge BR 52XX or 5200 locomotive - in BR Late livery, No. 5239
This £98.99 Hornby model of a GWR 52XX loco is very realisitic, and has extensive detail. This l..
£119.99 £98.99
R3276 Hornby OO gauge LMS 4-4-0 Compound with Fowler tender - No. 1072
This is the £64.49 Hornby OO gauge LMS 4-4-0 Compound with Fowler tender. It is No. 10..
£74.99 £64.49
R3332 Hornby OO gauge GWR King Class Locomotive 'King Edward VIII' in BR late livery
This £135.99 model is of the GWR King Class locomotive, King Edward VIII. The..
£159.99 £135.99
R3333 Hornby OO gauge BR Adams 4-4-2T Radial Class Tank Locomotive BR Early Livery - No.30584 (Z)
This £104.99 model is of the BR Adams 4-4-2T Radial Class tank locomotive, n..
£119.99 £104.99
R3326 Hornby OO gauge LNER (GNR) J50 Tank Locomotive BR Late Livery
This £71.99 model is of the LNER (GNR) J50 class tank locomotive, in BR late..
£79.99 £71.99
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