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R8219 Hornby pack of 10 Narrow NEM couplings
This is for a pack of 10 Narrow NEM tension lock couplings, which clip into existing sockets on m..
£7.70 £5.90
R-8 Peco OO/6 Washers Fibre
This is the £2.52 Peco Fibre washers OO/6 Gauge    Other info: Postage and..
£3.15 £2.52
R8220 Hornby pack of 10 Close coupling couplings for coaches
This is for a pack of 10 close coupling couplings, which are designed more for coaches and simply..
£8.99 £7.10
R-2 Peco Simplex Auto Coupling unit
This is the £2.92 original Simplex Coupling, designed by Peco and adopted by both Hornby-Du..
£3.35 £2.92
NC040A Dapol N Gauge Light Bar - Modern White
This is the Dapol Modern White Light Bar for Dapol Light Bar Fitted Coaches. This item will plug ..
£9.25 £7.60
SL-37 Peco Re-railer ( SL37 )
The £3.80 SL-37 Peco re-railer is perfect for easily putting stock onto the track. Sim..
£4.20 £3.80
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R8206 Hornby Power Track
This is Hornby Power track  ..
£8.99 £7.10
R8218 Hornby pack of 10 metal disc wheel/ axe set
This is Hornby pack of 10 metal disc wheel / axe set for OO Gauge 14.1 mm ..
£14.99 £13.50
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