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This is a selection of electrical items for your layout.

Please email us if there is anything else you need that is not listed.

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R8012 Hornby HM200 Dual train controller *Back in!*
This is the Hornby HM200 dual controller. These controllers are very popular and are well made, a..
£109.99 £85.90
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TT1- Train Tech Track tester
This is Track tester from Train- Tech ..
LFX7 Train-Tech Four Output Flashing effects lighting controller
This is Train-Tech Four output effects lighting effect controller This unit simulates flashin..
£17.00 £15.00
DCC29 Gaugemaster 4 Function 8 pin direct  OMNI Loco decoder
This is the Gaugemaster DCC29 4 function, 8 pin direct omni loco decoder. Other info: &nb..
£21.95 £17.34
AL3- Automatic lighting kit constant lighting unit
This is Automatic Lighting kit constant lighting unit from Train- Tech Detects m..
£15.00 £13.00
SFX10- Train-Tech Sound capsule - Steam Loco
This is Train-Tech plus sound capsule - Steam Loco  Features fireman coaling, gear &..
£37.50 £36.90
AL1- Automatic tail light set flashing red LED- Modern image
This is HO/OO Gauge Automatic Tail light set Flashing red LED- Modern image from Train- Tech..
£15.00 £13.00
R8312 Hornby E-Link + Railmaster software Elink
The £77.80 Hornby E-link software is the most technological way to control your model railw..
£100.99 £77.80
36-566 Bachmann 8 pin DCC Decoder featuring RailComPlus® (DC/Analogue Compatible)
This is the £16.10 Bachmann 8 pin 4 function DCC Decoder featuring RailComPlus®. ..
£18.95 £16.10
R8250 Hornby single train controller
This is the £17.99 Hornby R8250 single controller that Hornby use in their train sets. Thes..
£23.99 £17.99
36-567 Bachmann Next 18 DCC Decoder and socket
This is the £17.40 Bachmann Next 18 DCC Decoder.  Next 18 DCC decoders and sockets ben..
£21.95 £17.40
36-557 Bachmann E-Z Command 21 pin DCC Decoder for (DC/Analogue Compatible)
This is the £17.60 Bachmann 21 pin 4 function DCC Decoder. This decoder supports ..
£21.95 £17.60
36-556RA Bachmann E-Z Command 6 pin DCC Decoder for (DC Compatible)
This is the £14.20 Bachmann 6 pin E-Z Command DCC Decoder DC Compatible.   Other i..
£17.95 £14.20
36-563 Bachmann 6 pin decoder socket with 8 pin plug
This is the £11.10 Bachmann 6 pin Decoder socket with 8 pin plug.    Other inf..
£13.95 £11.10
ST-273 Peco Twin power connecting clips OO gauge
The ST-273 Power connecting are an easy way to connect power to your track without soldering. The..
£2.95 £2.36
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