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This is a selection of electrical items for your layout.

Please email us if there is anything else you need that is not listed.

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DCC01 Gaugemaster Prodigy Express DCC Control Unit
This is the £120 Gaugemaster DCC01 Prodigy Express Starter Package. This unit is best for so..
£149.95 £120.00
P9200 Transformer for R8250 Hornby standard train controller
The P9200 plug in transformer provides power to the Hornby R8250 standard train controller. ..
£16.99 £12.74
R8012 Hornby HM200 Dual train controller *Back in!*
This is the Hornby HM200 dual controller. These controllers are very popular and are well made, a..
£109.99 £85.90
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R8312 Hornby E-Link + Railmaster software Elink
The £69.99 Hornby E-link software is the most technological way to control your model railw..
£84.99 £69.99
P9300 15v or 4amp higher power transformer for the Hornby E-link unit
The P9300 15v or 4amp transformer provides higher power for the Hornby E-Link unit. This is neede..
£37.99 £32.29
D003 Wire Connectors or Chocolate Block connecters
The D003 Wire Connectors or Chocolate Block connecters are the easy way for connected wires witho..
R8250 Hornby single train controller
This is the £17.99 Hornby R8250 single controller that Hornby use in their train sets. Thes..
£23.99 £17.99
36-566 Bachmann 8 pin DCC Decoder featuring RailComPlus® (DC/Analogue Compatible)
This is the £16.10 Bachmann 8 pin 4 function DCC Decoder featuring RailComPlus®. ..
£18.95 £16.10
36-557 Bachmann E-Z Command 21 pin DCC Decoder for (DC/Analogue Compatible)
This is the £18.65 Bachmann 21 pin 4 function DCC Decoder. This decoder supports ..
£21.95 £18.65
ST-273 Peco Twin power connecting clips OO gauge
The ST-273 Power connecting are an easy way to connect power to your track without soldering. The..
£2.95 £2.36
460 Ratio OO gauge GWR Home Signal
The £8.51 Ratio 460 Home signal is designed for a GWR branch line. It is a kit with included sys..
£10.25 £8.51
461 Ratio OO gauge GWR Distant Signal
The £8.51 Ratio 461 Distant signal is designed for a GWR line. It is a kit with includ..
£10.25 £8.51
462 Ratio OO guage GWR Home and Distant Signal
The £10.40 Ratio 462 Home and Distant signal is designed for a GWR line. It is a kit with includ..
£12.25 £10.40
468 Ratio OO guage GWR Round Post Bracket Signal
The £8.80 Ratio 468 Round Post Bracket signal is designed for a GWR line. It is a kit with inclu..
£12.25 £8.80
492 Ratio OO gauge SR Home & Distant Signal
The £10.38 Ratio 492 Home & Distant signal is designed for an Southern Railway bra..
£12.50 £10.38
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