Customers Layouts and Railways

This is a selection of photographs from our customers (and ourselves) of railways and layouts. If you are a previous customer and you would like us to feature your railway or layout on our website, please contact us.

Our layouts

We have three railways and layouts. The first is our OO gauge Diesel depot layout, Crooked Lane MPD. It is set in the north eastern the Scottish border with connections to Scotland, the east and London. This means a vast array of locomotives can be seen.

Our second is Winterdan, made as a kids layout, and was much apprieciated by kids at shows, espicially the DIY drive the train controller at the front. This layout has been put to one side for our other layout, Crooked Lane MPD. Our third layout is the garden railway below.

Our garden Railway

Our Garden Railway is a 16mm scale 32mm line at our house in the Forest of Dean. It is still under construction. We have one steam locomotive, a Roundhouse Bertie, and another basic battery locomotive plus some rolling stock. It currently consists of 15 yards track with one run-round loop.

Ron N

Ron has a Garden Railway, and lives near Wolverhampton. His railway is currently under construction.

These were the first pictures, sent to us on the 20th August. We have only been able to publish a few of the pictures sent to us.

A view of the tunnel/bridge.

The pond before track laying around it....

.....and after!

Ron's circa 2000 Lady Ann 'Lady Patrica' by the pond.

His ingenious method of creating a track base. Home made wooden templates creating concrete castings to the exact measurements.

We had an update on Ron's railway on September 4th 2013.

Progress on the extension to the other end of the garden is made.

We thank Ron for the pictures and his custom, and the privelige of seeing his railway in the flesh.

Melyvn C

Melyvn was rebuilding a section of railway that had been damaged by tree roots when we contacted him for a photograph. This is just part of his railway.

His rebuilt station section.

We thank Melyvn for his picture and his custom.

Richard W

Richard has a garden railway line based on the Leek & Manifold Railway, a now closed railway that operated in Staffordshire. Below are a few pictures that were sent to us in July 2014. A lot of his railway is scratchbuilt and I'm sure you'll agree the buildings and rolling stock below are brilliant!

Water tower and 0-6-0 locomotive.

His scratchbuilt model of Hulme End station.

His standard gauge transporter wagon. These were used to take mainline wagons from the standard gauge railway on the narrow gauge line, by means of pushing them onto this wagon. They would then be taken, via the narrow gauge line, unloaded/loaded and brought back to the mainline and rolled back onto the standard gauge track.

We thank Richard for his pictures and his custom.


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