Exclusive to Derails

Here's a little archive of the items we've had produced specially here for us at Derails.

The range is focused on local wagons, I.E those of the Forest of Dean and surrounding area.

At the moment all wagons exclusive to us are N gauge, and are produced by Peco. They are all:

December 2015 - NR-P906 Dean Forest Coal Company 7 Plank

Status: Sold out!

Limited edition of 100 pieces, priced at £8.20.

This wagon was manufactured by Peco in the United Kingdom, and is the first in our range.

The Dean Forest Coal Company was a coal factor company set up in 1870 by an employee of Henry Crawshay & Co., a Forest of Dean Colliery Company. George Frederick Morgan worked as Trade Manager for Crawshay & Co and due to this, the two companies had a close relationship. Dean Forest Coal was still trading in 1935. The 7 plank coal wagon represented here is number 437, which was a wagon from the first batch of ten ordered from Gloucester Carraige & Wagon works in 1914.

April 2017: NR-P916 Berry Wiggins Tar Tank Wagon

Status: Sold out!

Berry Wiggins was a bitumen manufacturing company that operated a site at Cinderford, Forest of Dean, until 1967. Bitumen was brought into the site via rail and transferred to road tankers before being distributed round Gloucestershire and Herefordshire for use on roads and in electrical work.  

April 2018: NR-P984 Cannop 7 Plank Wagon

Status: In-stock

The Cannop Colliery opened for business in 1910. Owned by a syndicate M. Maclean, the Colliery was one of the most expensive to operate as it required a lot of water to be pumped - for every ton of coal, 10 tons of water was also removed. The Colliery closed in 1960. Wagon 101 was delivered by Gloucester Carraige and Wagon works in 1912 and was part of a batch of 100 wagons.


July 2018: NR-P984 Cannop 7 Plank Wagon

Status: Coming soon!

The Norchard Colliery (near Lydney) opened for business in 1810 but only really opened 'full time' in 1890. The site provided most of its coal to the power-station situated just across the river, which at the time powered most of Gloucestershire. The colliery also provided coal elsewhere via its rail link, via Lydney Junction. The site was closed in 1957, with the power station closing 10 years later in 1967. In 1980, the Dean Forest Railway bought the Norchard Colliery and Power Station site and converted it into it's base, the site today houses the railway car-park, shop, cafe, museum and restoration sheds. 

Wagon No. 846 was built in 1907 by the Gloucester Carriage and Wagon works. It is modelled here in the Norchard Grey livery with Black Shaded lettering, which it carried from new.

We have no other items in the pipeline right now - we will update this page as and when we do though!

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