Our recycling policy

Here at Derails, we believe the world would be a better place if everyone recycled what they could, and that's why we do just that! This keeps costs down for you and is why we're cheaper than most of our competitiors.

Almost all of our packing is recycled, be it the re-used bubble wrap that comes from a local factory, the jiffy bags that come from local Liverpool Football Club magazine subscribers (and supporters...) and the boxes that come from a sandwich shop, we use it all! Below is a breakdown of where we get what from and what it's used for:

Boxes and cardboard

They come from?

Our boxes and cardboard come from various locations, however most are from a local discount store or sandwich bar. Some even come from the local postmaster!

They are used for?

Mainly everything, not surprisingly. Parcels large and small, storage, shop supply, exhibitions... Cardboard is used to make our own specialist boxes for locomotives and such, usually they have 'Berlys' written on them as that is a brand of Baguette our sandwich bar uses!

Hornby LNER P2's being packed in our own special boxes - these are made from the 'Berlys' baguette cardboard to a template developed by ourselves. Duke of Gloucester locomotives being prepped for packing at the rear.

Jiffy Bags

They come from?

Jiffy bags are the only thing we have to buy certain variants of new, due to the amount of different sizes. However we do obtain some of our A4 sized from local Liverpool Football club supporters (no booing Man Utd. fans) who receive their magazines in them.

They're used for? 

Small orders - Metcalfe, points, scenic items.

Bubble Wrap

Come's from?

Offcuts obtained from the goods out dept. of a local factory. We have managed to obtain it through the factory management and it is now brought in HUGE bags for use in our parcels.

Is used for?

Making your parcels get to you un-damaged!

Fresh delivery of bubble wrap just arrived!

Other packing materials (Air bubbles, foam, chips, cardboard strips)

Obtained from?

Air bubbles and foam is obtained from the Hornby and Peco deliveries that arrive here every week. Chips are taken from Roundhouse deliveries. The cardboard strips are shredded in-house by our sister company from used boxes.

Used for?

Same as the bubble wrap, getting your parcel to you safe and sound.

Newly shredded cardboard strips and air bubbles, both used for packing.



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